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Continental Conveyors (P) Limited was incepted in 1996, by a highly professional & technically profound team. Being an ISO Certified Company, with many years of combined manufacturing experience, we have always believed in bringing in technological advancements & higher scales of productivity. Today we have created the business that has emerged to be an international brand and a global symbol of conveyor belting excellence.

Today, Continental Conveyors (P) Limited continues to grow as an aggressive Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of a wide range Conveyor Belts. Since our inception, we have been a name evoking confidence in the hearts of our clients and commanding fear in the minds of our competitors. Our range of Conveyor Belts includes Chevron / Cleated Conveyor Belt, Diverter Conveyor Belt, Elevator Conveyor Belt, Hygienic Food Conveyor Belt, Pipe Conveyor Belt, Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt, Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt and Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt. We also bring forth Rough Top Conveyor Belt, Rubber Conveyor Belt, Sidewall Conveyor Belt, Telescopic Conveyor Belt, Toughflex Conveyor Belt, and Wavy Top Conveyor Belt.

Our success story is led by our robust infrastructure with an advanced manufacturing unit which is well equipped with the latest machineries. Our plant has been laid out in a way that enhances efficiency and productivity of the total manufacturing process. We follow the policy of maintaining best quality of all the products, conforming to internationally accepted level of workmanship and performance. We always follow the policy of continuous improvement of quality.

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Rubber Conveyor Belt

1. Rubber Conveyor Belts:

We at CCPL offers premium quality Rubber Conveyor Belts, which are used for various industrial purposes. “CCPL-INSTACON” make Conveyor Belts are made from Hi-grade Raw materials that ensure high tensile strength, resistivity to adverse conditions, good trough-ability and flexibility. These Conveyor Belts are suitable for all kind of Critical & Super-Critical Applications which can be customized as per customer requirement & application.

2. Chevron / Cleated Conveyor Belts:

We have been manufacturing and exporting Special Chevron Conveyor Belts, in different patterns / profiles / shapes. We offer a full range of sizes with a variety of pattern types, to suit most applications. All our Chevron belts have the advantage of Integrally Moulded Cleats as part of the top cover. "Integrated Moulded Cleats", are much better and have higher life than pasted cleats.

Our some Special Chevron Profile Conveyor Belts, could carry material upto 35 / 40 Degrees inclination angle, depending upon size & shape / type of material to be carried. Their advantages are long service life and flexibility due to homogeneous Chevron profiles.

Cheveron Cleated Conveyor Belt
Roughtop Conveyor Belt

3. Rough Top Belts :

Rough top conveyor belt is used for transporting goods, such as sacks, bags, boxes and parcels, on inclined surface at different angles. Top cover is made of wear-resistant rubber with a non-slip surface. It has a cushioning effect, mollifies and absorbs vibrations and impacts given on transported materials and simultaneously prevents slippage.

4. Elevator Belts :

Our Bucket Elevators Belts are designed to effectively carry variety of bulk materials that comprise from light to heavy as well as from fine materials to materials present in large lump forms, vertically. With the belt forming the center of the complete system, we ensure these are manufactured in different types as per the application needs in particular working environment. We offer special elevator belts with minimum elongation characteristics: available in various grades, M-24, HR, SHR, HOR, OIL Resistant and white / Hygienic Food Grade.

Elevator Belt
SHR Belt

5. Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts :

We are the manufacturer and exporter of superior quality Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts. Our heat resistant conveyor belts are well-suited for heat resistance applications and can also resist oils and minerals. Our range of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt is made from superior quality raw materials to assure high durability.

6. Food Grade / Hygienic “White” Belts :

We are the manufacturer of widest range of FOOD Grade / Hygienic belts for the Sugar Mills, bakery, confectionery, dairy, meat, poultry, snack food, fruit & vegetable processing industries etc.

Our Food Grade / Hygienic Belts are suitable for handling of food materials that need to be moved directly on belt surface. As our Food Grade / Hygienic belts are available in white / off white color finish and these belts are odourless.

Hygenic Belt
FR Belt Coal Conveyor Belt

7. Fire Retardant Belts :

Our Fire Retardant Belts are manufactured using Special Self-Extinguishing design which prevent fires from spreading over the entire belt.

Streams Available

A - RUBBER / PULLEY LAGGING (Available with Bonding Layer & Without Bonding Layer)

We are leading manufacturers & exporters of all type of premium quality Rubber Lagging sheets for Conveyor Pulleys.

Our Rubber Lagging Sheets are available in various sizes and specifications that can be customized to meet specific requirements of the clients.

1. Diamond Grooved : Our Rubber Lagging Sheet eliminates belt slippage, increases belt life, its open design dissipates dirt, water and material build-up.

    Diamond Pattern Lagging: Ideal for all type of diameter pulleys on systems with conveyor belt. It prevents belt from slippage (in particular when water is present) and increase the drive traction of the pulley. It also deflects water into lateral or diamond shaped grooves, away from pulleys.

    Diamond Grooved Pattern: diamond grooved /pulley lagging rubber sheet provide protection from wear and corrosion and reduce material build-up. view more

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